About Wayne

Authentic. Congruent. Simplistic.


My objective

Fearlessly lead companies to accelerate growth and business innovation with uncontested results in new business generation, market place growth, internal business efficiency, brand growth and trusted partners – all to enhance the culture of the organisation. 

Business Visionary

Ability to deliver innovative profit opportunities, which create bottom-line value. Known for ability to envision the future and inspire others to join in realising that vision.

Bold Leadership

Big, bold and gutsy thinking supported through a blend of creativity, strategy and leadership – consistently generating results against targets, driving innovation and building solid relationship.

16 Years of high performance:

  • Largest profitable organisation managed: $3,5 million revenue (ZAR 42 million)
  • Global and African experience: 9 years
  • Biggest staff compliment managed: 55
  • Best pitch rate: 5 account wins in 5 weeks
  • Biggest accounts won: 3 EMEA clients (Sony Ericsson, Intel, and IBM)
  • Biggest strategy developed: Sony Ericsson EMEA
  • Global best practice awards: Google HQ and Sony Ericsson HQ
  • Best performing campaign: Intel 2in1 Content Marketing Campaign
  • 2015 Best African Sponsorship award: SABMiller and FC Barcelona – The Perfect Partnership
  • University Prestige Leadership Award for Creativity and Innovation
  • Honours Award for Organisational Skills

My success pillars

It’s about growth and the value I add to those I partner with. Success is the value I add to myself. Significance is when I add value to others. The success of my career has four key pillars:

  • Relationships formed with believers in my work
  • Responsible decisions made
  • Fast actions taken delivered meticulously
  • Best of breed people and teams

Career summary

My career was founded by starting my own events and production business in 2001 whilst studying Architecture. To expand my experience I have joined some of the leading agencies, like Ogilvy, EXP Group Africa and Penquin International.

More recently, I have been the MD of LIVE+ where I pioneered the Blue Ocean Strategy of “Connected Activation” in collaboration with a fantastic team, to drive the start-up digital, content and activation business into uncontested market place.

It’s simple. Ignite growth. Unleash results. Congruently.

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