Authentic. Congruent. Simplistic.


My objective

Fearlessly lead companies to accelerate growth and business innovation with uncontested results in new business generation, market place growth, internal business efficiency, brand growth and trusted partners – all to enhance the culture of the organisation. 

Business Visionary

Ability to deliver innovative profit opportunities, which create bottom-line value. Known for ability to envision the future and inspire others to join in realising that vision.

Bold Leadership

Big, bold and gutsy thinking supported through a blend of creativity, strategy and leadership – consistently generating results against targets, driving innovation and building solid relationship.

16 Years of high performance:

  • Largest profitable organisation managed: $3,5 million revenue (ZAR 42 million)
  • Global and African experience: 9 years
  • Biggest staff compliment managed: 55
  • Best pitch rate: 5 account wins in 5 weeks
  • Biggest accounts won: 3 EMEA clients (Sony Ericsson, Intel, and IBM)
  • Biggest strategy developed: Sony Ericsson EMEA
  • Global best practice awards: Google HQ and Sony Ericsson HQ
  • Best performing campaign: Intel 2in1 Content Marketing Campaign
  • 2015 Best African Sponsorship award: SABMiller and FC Barcelona – The Perfect Partnership
  • University Prestige Leadership Award for Creativity and Innovation
  • Honours Award for Organisational Skills

My success pillars

It’s about growth and the value I add to those I partner with. Success is the value I add to myself. Significance is when I add value to others. The success of my career has four key pillars:

  • Relationships formed with believers in my work
  • Responsible decisions made
  • Fast actions taken delivered meticulously
  • Best of breed people and teams

Career summary

My career was founded by starting my own events and production business in 2001 whilst studying Architecture. To expand my experience I have joined some of the leading agencies, like Ogilvy, EXP Group Africa and Penquin International.

More recently, I have been the MD of LIVE+ where I pioneered the Blue Ocean Strategy of “Connected Activation” in collaboration with a fantastic team, to drive the start-up digital, content and activation business into uncontested market place.

It’s simple. Ignite growth. Unleash results. Congruently.

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